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I have been collecting sports cards for the better part of 20 years.  Mostly baseball and football, but I also dabbled in basketball cards and hockey cards on the side.  In the early 90's, my friend Frank and I started our own card business and did mostly card shows and some flea markets until everybody and their brother became a card dealer and the market became saturated with too many dealers, so we jumped out of the business to keep from going down the tubes.

Then in the late 90's, I took up Internet auctions to start liquidating some of my massive inventory, so my wife would finally have some extra closet space for her stuff! :)  I tossed around the idea of a hobby site like the one I currently have, but never found the time to get around to doing it.  Now that our family is growing, it gave me the motivition to get off my duff and get this thing cranking so I can start getting the kids' college funds going while they are still young.  That plus one day my daughter found her way into one of my stashes of football cards and the results were catasrophic to say the least (I'll have a picture of that up shortly).  That is another reason a lot of the stuff I have has to go!

I also love to build and dabble with computers and I have a huge collection of video games and other collectibles I have collected over the years. I'm almost what one could say, "The Jack of All-Collectibles, the Master of Some".  I can't say "none" because I do have enough experience with what I have that I am not totally in the dark about things.

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