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1984 Topps USFL Marcus Dupree New Orleans Breakers
1984 and 1985
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Latest Additions and Coming Soon listed below!

Notice- I am finally updating the site to now include a shopping cart to use to order with now instead of having to fill in the form field from my order page.  This will take time as I have to prepare every team page.  For those team set pages not yet completed,  you can still order team sets through my current ordering system.

All MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, USFL team set pages have the shopping cart format. 
(7/11/16) - ALL MLB Team Set Pages converted to shopping cart format and quick scroll.

NFL team set pages will be converted shortly!

More info on my "How To Order" page!

Baseball Card Team Sets

Just Added!!!! (1/10/17) -  1998 Upper Deck

Just Added!!!! (1/6/17) -  2013 Panini Hometown Heroes

Coming Soon -  2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers

Football Team Sets

Just Added (1/3/17) - 2016 Donruss team sets!

Coming Soon - Major Football Team Set Restock!

(Note:  Topps is no longer making its regular football card set.  The Panini brands "SCORE"  and "Donruss" are the main sets this year.  Score is  producing this years regular 440 card set featuring players and rookies!  Donruss is producing a 400 card set with Rate Rookie cards.

Hockey Team Sets

Working on 2016/17 team sets.

Basketball Team Sets

Just Added!!!!! (12/16/16)  Panini Hoops 2016/17 team sets!

MLS Team Sets

Just added!!!! (11/10/16) - 2016 Topps team sets!

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MARCH 1, 2016

Due to USPS raising their rates again,  I unfortunately have to raise my shipping cost as well.  But my shipping price is still below or at par with other sellers.

Shipping cost for more than one team set will depend on weight of package and not quantity as I have maintained in the past.

As always, shipping to other countries will vary depending on location.

Free shipping and insurance on any order $75* and up. 

*This is based on the sub-total of your order after discounts are applied.
Free shipping and insurance for US only for orders over $75.

  All other countries any order over $75 I will cover 1/2 shipping cost.
For more information and questions,  please visit my FAQ page.

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1964 Topps
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